Gratitude Banner

Date April 22, 2008

today we made family gratitue banners in class. the banners have pockets for each family member, plus one for friends and extended family, and one for the universe. each time someone thinks of something they are grateful for, they can jot it down and stick it in the appropriate pocket. this serves us in many ways- we can visit the banner and look in our pocket to read all the ways we inspire gratitude in our family members AND we can reread all of our previously written notes of gratitude to remind ourselves how full our lives are and how much we have to be grateful for…

I don’t think we need to tell you how to sew this one. It’s definitely open for creative interpretation. You can get super fancy-la-fance or you can keep it super simple. Either way, the gratitudes expressed on a regular basis will totally transform your household.

thanks to the amazing and always inspired bernadette for introducing this to us. i’m grateful to have you in my life, bern!!!!

6 Responses to “Gratitude Banner”

  1. Bernadette said:

    Right back at you sister. It is a back and forth of inspiration, that’s for sure.

  2. Jackie Harvey said:

    Gorgeous!!! I practise journalling everyday what I’m grateful and thankful for and it really changes your mindset to a much more positive one and an amazing lifestyle reflects to match – I can only imagine the impact this will have on my family. I love this idea Thanks heaps!!

  3. Jill Farris said:

    I loooove the gratitude banner. Definitely making one for me and my posse. What a way to share love, compliments, joy, as well as build confidence and happiness.

  4. Jennifer Hill Robenalt said:

    What an extraordinary day. Thank you ladies so much for filling our cups!! Felt great!

  5. MamAmor Dolls said:

    What a wonderful idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Heather said:

    Call me slow, sorry, but can you clarify for me: do you put things you’re grateful for in your own pocket, or put entries in other pockets for things about them that you’re grateful (or both!)? My daughter will ask, so trying to anticipate her questions! :-) . Thanks for the lovely idea. I think training our children’s hearts to be grateful against a culture that teaches them to always want and desire more is powerful.