Origami paper wallets

Date May 5, 2010

Surely you’ve heard of paper roses. Paper dolls. How about a paper wallet?

A couple weekends ago we participated in the Austin Art Alliance’s Art City Austin along Town Lake in downtown Austin. It was perfect weather for the event: blue skies, low 80s and mellow breezes too. Future Craft Collective was set up in the kids tent volunteering our crafty/sustainable skills to make origami paper wallets.

We found the original project in a library book ADVANCED ORIGAMI and tweaked it a bit to make it a really practical shape and size for use and also easier for the kids to fold. We also added stitching around the perimeter to bump it up a notch and to make them more of a permanent fixture. It was upcycling at it’s finest as we dug through our recycling bins in search of just the right weight and colored paper for the project. We utilized magazine pages from these great photo stock books that Kathie had stocked away. We also played around with file folders, bird seed bags, brown paper bags, wall paper and whatever other little scraps we could gt our hands on.

By weekend’s end, we had folded approximately 200 or so paper wallets with kids and adults alike. (We always take great pride when our project appeals to both kids and adults – especially when we’re in the kids craft tent.) Some folks wanted the pattern so that they could continue to make wallets at home from their own recycling bins.

These would make great gifts to mail – especially if you stuck a couple bills or a check inside!

Here’s how to make your very own paper wallet…

Materials: paper and a sewing machine

These instructions are for a 8 1/2 x 14″ piece of paper. Any size paper will do. Just fold adjust the dimensions as needed.

  1. Fold the top edge of the paper over 3 1/4″
  2. Flip the paper over and fold each side in 3/4″
  3. Fold the bottom edge up 2 3/4″   4. Fold the paper NEARLY in half but not quite, approximately 3 7/8″ 5. Tuck the fold into the bottom flap and flatten 6. Fold the wallet in half and stitch all the way around the perimeter

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