Thank you notes

Date January 5, 2012

I am a huge fan of thank you notes. Any kind of notes really but I especially love thank yous. This time of year our family has a list a mile long of things to be grateful for and people to whom we should be grateful.

We are pretty good about writing thank yous. Some of us better than others. Given the tools and the space to do it though, we can usually get the job done; just not always in a timely manner. But I stick to my theory that it’s never to late to say thank you or sorry. Or happy birthday or hey there for that matter but this post is specifically about thank you.

While my kids are good about making cards, sometimes when the list is so long it’s hard to keep the momentum. A few get written and then, something comes along to distract and, before you know it, the half finished list is all that remains of the intention.

This year we’ve discovered the collaborative thank-you. It piggy-backs on our collaborative drawing game that we like to play, wherein we pass the drawing around the table for all to add to their own ideas, drawings, collage, etc. We make a big thank-you note using a big piece of paper: brown paper bag, old page ripped from the calendar, etc. It has to be bigger than a regular piece of paper in order to accommodate the entire family’s gratitude. We then pass it around the table for all to add their thanks.

We just made one for Grandma using the back of the December calendar page. This was fun because in addition to giving thanks, we were able to give my mom a glimpse into our world. She saw our December parties and craft events and school functions and all the rest. Another we did on a giant piece of cardboard that we sent as a giant postcard. (Disclaimer: whether that arrives in the mail remains to be seen!)

So not only are we getting the thank-yous written, but we’re doing it together, thereby getting a little needed family time as well. And the recipients are getting some cool notes in the mail full of our family’s drawings, notes and gratitude.

Search your recycling bin for some cool materials to make into cards. Clear off the kitchen table and get break out the pencils, glue and whatever else you need. Call the family together and get writing! It’s satisfying on so many levels.

Score one for win-win.

2 Responses to “Thank you notes”

  1. Old Geezer Liz said:

    f.Y.I. If the note on the cardboard was coming to New Jersey , it has not arrived yet .

  2. Katy said:

    JBird loves to make Thank You cards, but I’ve always had to space big TY projects out over a few days to keep his interest. We did round robin last week–& even got Daddy involved!!–it was so perfect & lovely & THANK YOU for this idea!!!