Whatchya Makin?

Date June 5, 2012

I just ordered this amazing little book for myself,…

It’s lovely to hold and peruse and it’s also got some wild little projects in it. All of which can be made from the variety of paper, cardboard, string and stuff that you’ve got around the house. I love it. Especially the little accordian book which capitalizes on the stretching of a piece of paper by cutting in a spiral shape – a trick I always like to show kids. “Do you think I can make this piece of paper longer than a yard stick?” I say. Definitely one of my favorite workshop tricks.

I then looked up the author of this book and I love everything she does! She has her own museum of found art and she has a lovely little print shop with her man Dikko called Purgatory Pie Press. Everything they make is lovely, lovely, lovely. And, as if that wasn’t enough, she uses all reclaimed, found, upcycled materials in her work! Even her leather bound books utilize leather cut-offs from the garment district in NYC.

So while I thought I was just buying a cool little book, really I’ve been turned onto a whole world of amazing creations by a very inspiring woman. It’s like a rabbit hole of creativity and I am more than happy to go down in it!

Thank you Esther K Smith.

Who or what is inspiring your creativity right now?

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