You’ve been asking for it and now we’ve got it: Future Craft Parties!!! For kids and adults.

At the request of thousands, (alright a dozen) we have added Future Craft Birthdays to our list of options. Bernadette will come to your party with a prearranged project for the kids (or adults!) to do. The beauty of a crafty party is it combines an activity for the party with a take-home gift for each attendee. Which means no gift bags necessary! Seems that’s worth the price right there.  All projects are for up to 8 people. More can be added for an additional fee.

Some projects to choose from:

Handstitched ball from upcycled wool sweaters – great for kids ages 7-11 – $295.00

All the pieces are pre-cut and ready to be stitched and stuffed by little hands ages 7-11

Postcard collage project – great for ages 7 to adult – $295.00

This is a really fun and expressive project. Combines upcycled cardboard with die-cut upcycled pieces in festive and fun shapes and sizes. A simple TO: rubber stamped on the back and this project is ready to go in the mail. Can be combined with letter writing ideas for older kids. This project is tons of fun for adults too. In fact, maybe even more so.

Applique t-shirt party – crazy, creative fun for ages 7 and up – $325.00

It’s BYOS (bring your own shirt) to this event and we’ll get to work appliqueing a shirt for each guest using handmade iron-on appliques which will then be stitched in place. Future Craft silk-screened shirts to applique are also available.

Mama Craft Night – $350.00

All of the above projects are also available for a mama craft night. Or pick a project from our pages such as a birthday crown, (up)cycling hat, t-shirt skirt, family appreciation banner. BYOSM (bring your own sewing machine)