Art of the Letter

While communication has increased a thousand fold   – with email, Facebook, and video chats so easily accessed – the amount of letters one writes and receives has diminished significantly. Which has made the value of a hand crafted letter showing up in your mailbox increase beyond measure. Just think of that moment when you realize there is a hand written note embellished with drawings and messages and other amazing artistry.

In this class we’ll cover both the stationery making and the letter writing.

We’ll make personalized note cards using stitching, collage and stamps – with lots of reclaimed materials of course.

We’ll fold up some cool origami envelopes and note cards and make our very own box of stationery.

We’ll read through old letters from the twenties and thirties when letter writing was a daily task and just about the only communication a person had with a distant relative. We’ll examine the language used and the messages sent.

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Intermediate Sewing Garment Intensive - FULL

This class will be taught by the amazing Kathie Sever! See some of her incredible creations here…

Sept 5- Dec 12

Mondays 9:30am till 12:30pm

*I’m willing to move the class to a different day if i can find 4 students who need that.

What we’ll cover: 

  • *working with commercial patterns
  • *tailoring patterns to fit
  • *fabric manipulations (block printing, freezer paper stencils, dying, embroidery, trims)
  • *working with both woven and knit fabrics
  • *up-cycling and repurposing used materials
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