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    • Slow Family Handbook

      Slow Family Handbook


      Bernadette's other creation is a little thing called Slow Family Living. It's about slowing down, connecting and finding ways to truly enjoy family life - for now and for the long haul. This handbook is full of ideas, tips and inspiration for finding more connection in your own family. Whether your kids are little or getting ready to head out the door to their own family living.

    • Sustainable Lunch Kit Curriculum

      Sustainable Lunch Kit Curriculum


      This sustainable lunch kit Collective Project curriculum includes a free tutorial for creating your own upcycled lunch bag (over there on the left. See it?), patterns for a sandwich wrap and utensil roll/placemat, definitions, sewing tips and dialogue ideas around the topics of recycling, upcycling and recrafting and even a thematic poem! This is the first installment in our ongoing monthly curriculum series and we are super excited! Click on the photo for more images of our pattern samples!