Who are we? Hmm. That’s a good question.

Can I just say that we did not plan this? Really. We just roll that way.

We are Kathie Sever and Bernadette Noll. We live in Austin, TX, though we are from the West Coast and the East Coast respectively. We are friends. We are crafters. We are mothers. We like thrift stores and nice sketch pads and pens. We like old sewing machines made of metal. We like to explore with the materials at hand. We are creative souls who are seeking ways to stay connected to our creative selves in all we do. We like to make art with our kids and on our own. We know that creating with kids offers some of life’s greatest rewards and some of life’s biggest conflicts as well. We know that we should go with the flow in these cases but sometimes we forget. We like to hang out with our families and hang out with our friends too. In between we like some solo time to think, to dream, to meditate, to ponder and to explore. We are in pursuit always of being our true and best selves. Really. We are. Doesn’t it show? We believe pretty much in life’s perfection. Both of us. And we know that the things we bump up against hold the answers to the questions we might not even have asked yet.

We make art. Here are some of Kathie’s latest pieces…

We write. You can read some of Bernadette’s favorite pages here

You can view some of our other endeavors – blogs, clothes, projects, photos and the like by wandering over to our other sites. We both have blogs.  Kathie’s is here and Bernadette’s is here. Slow Family Living is something Bernadette helped to create. It’s about helping families find ways to slow down, connect and enjoy family life.

In addtion to beautiful art Kathie makes incredible custom western wear which  flies under the name of Ramonsterwear. Want to see what I mean when I say it’s some of the finest cowpoke custom swankwear you ever did see? Then go to ramonsterwear.com and check it out. Here’s a sneak peak…

 If you want to reach out to us and ask us a question or give us an answer or have us in to give a talk or sell some copies of our book which will be out in June of 2011 or send us a check for large sums of money you can reach us via email. That’s futurecraftcollective at gmail dot com in case that link doesn’t work. Because while we may be crafty, techie we are not.