Mamas Crafty Night Out!!!

February 4th 4:30-9:30pm

Want to celebrate the love you feel for your partner, your kids, your family and friends far and wide? Are you in need of a girls’ crafty night out with a bunch of other amazing women in a setting that is sure to set your heart a flutter?

Come to this half-day Valentine workshop on February 4th in a beautiful South Austin get-away in the middle of it all, where we’ll spend 4 hours cutting and making. I’ll have writing prompts for you to get to the heart of the love you feel. We’ll make beautiful love letters and maybe even a Valentine riddle or two. We’ll stitch, fold, glue, cut and fold some more. We’ll work on haikus too because what Valentine is complete without a haiku or two??

The Writing Barn is the perfect place to spend time crafting, collaging, cutting out paper hearts and writing love letters to the people in your life. Maybe you’ll even make one for yourself! Everything you need will be provided for you to make as many cards as you need!

We’ll drink and nosh while we craft and talk of love and family and partnership and children. We’ll focus on appreciation and admiration. We’ll figure out ways to feel more love and get more love with the power of craft and the written word!

Save the date and come craft with us!

Click the links above to register.

*If money is an issue, please don’t let that stop you. I’m happy to make it work for anyone that wants to attend. Just email me and we’ll figure it out.

Art of the Letter at Austin Children’s Museum

Monday, February 20th 9am-4pm

Registration info coming soon!!!

While communication has increased a thousand fold in the last 20 years  – with email, Facebook, and video chats so easily accessed – the amount of letters one writes and receives has diminished significantly. Which has made the value of a hand crafted letter showing up in your mailbox increase beyond measure. Just think of that moment when you realize there is a hand written note embellished with drawings and messages and other amazing artistry.

In this ccamp we’ll cover both angles – the stationery making and the letter writing.

We’ll make personalized note cards using stitching, collage and stamps – with lots of reclaimed materials of course.

We’ll fold up some cool origami envelopes and note cards and make our very own box of stationery.

We’ll read through old letters from the twenties and thirties when letter writing was a daily task and just about the only communication a person had with a distant relative. We’ll examine the language used and the messages sent. We’ll ponder what life might have been like then – in another time and place. And we’ll discuss just how that letter might have gotten from point A to point B

Then we’ll craft our own letters, using writing prompts and tips and we’ll work to reinvigorate this ancient art that is at once craft, communication and connection.

 Creative Class for 3-5 year olds

In this brand new offering from Andrea Fiore of Primavera Montessori and Bernadette Noll, we’ll offer art exploration for your 3-5 year old, 1 or 2 mornings a week for one hour. While your child learns, you’ll be encouraged to settle in, relax and create – in an outdoor space with other parents, where there will be a craft offered, writing prompts about family life or art supplies made available. Or, if you’d rather, you can walk the short block toS. Congress Avenuefor a coffee or a bite, knowing your child is learning to explore his own creativity in an art experience like no other. Either way, you win! And so does your child.

  • The first session is 10 weeks starting September 13th.
  • Sign up for one day or two.
  • Classes are Tuesdays and/or Fridays 9:30-10:30am.
  • Classes held at 212 E. Monroe at Christ Lutheran Church
  • $265. for one day option
  • $465. for two day option

Stay afterward on the outdoor playground to connect and play or plan a picnic lunch just down the street at Little Stacy Park!

Hold your spot today! With a $25.00 deposit. Or email us with questions.

Intermediate Garment Sewing Intensive for 12-18 year olds

This class will be taught by the amazing Kathie Sever! See some of her incredible creations here…

Second semester just begun!

mondays 9:30am till 12:30pm*


class dates:

January 16-April 30th

min/max 4 students

what we’ll cover:  

  • *working with commercial patterns
  • *tailoring patterns to fit
  • *fabric manipulations (block printing, freezer paper stencils, dying, embroidery, trims)
  • *working with both woven and knit fabrics
  • *up-cycling and repurposing used materials

i will be encouraging students to place an emphasis on creatively and mindfully sourcing materials.  we’ll talk about the use of gently used fabrics versus when it’s more appropriate to find well made, sustainable materials.

the class will be working from a set of commercial patterns that i will be choosing, in order to try keep everyone on basically the same page in terms of what methods and skills we’ll be covering, and when.  the patterns will be chosen in order to cover a wide base of garment making skills, but all will be open to the students interpretation and manipulation.

this class will be taught as a semester-long series, so i ask that you keep this in mind when signing up an interested student.  i will refund tuition within the first two weeks as long as we have a replacement student willing to start late.

interested students must have a basic understanding of machine sewing.

payment options:  i can accept payment either monthly or, 10% discount if tuition is paid in full by our first class meeting.

semester tuition: $560**

*this does not include materials.  i’ll let you know what you need, you’ll need to get it on your own and be able to bring it to class on appointed class days.

To register or to ask a question, please email Kathie: ramonsterwear at gmail dot com